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Hal Macomber

Hal did his first production system project in the summer of 1974 in the butcher department of a supermarket. He followed that with a two-year stint in the operations research department of the Bank of Boston in 1976 - 1978. Hal was selected to study quality and just-in-time production in Japan in the mid 1980's. That began the formal introduction to Lean which spanned numerous industries and professions. Along the way, Hal was introduced to the work of Fernando Flores -- first the study of the language-action perspective, then ontological redesign. Those bodies of knowledge coupled to Lean allowed him and his collaborators to make very large scale organizational interventions. 

Hal and his wife Rita live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire among many good friends.


Calayde studied her masters in architecture in South Africa, and with the help of a Fulbright Scholarship, obtained a PhD in Environmental Planning, Economics and Urban Development at Kansas State University. In her last few years in the U.S. she worked on a Lean Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) project in the roles of Lean production engineering and building information modeling. Calayde has a life-long love of performing chamber and orchestral music with her friends, and a recent affair with rock climbing. And as you can see from her illustractions, she also has a life-long dedication to curiosity, which is inspired by the shared trialls and tribulations of a wonderful community of colleagues, friends, and family.

Calayde has returned to her home country of South Africa for the time being.