Put your name on it.

This book is meant to be used.
A lot. By you. Draw and write all over this book. It is your journal. 

Five Parts - no particular order. Begin where you want to.
Each of the five parts is there to help you set a particular mood for learning. Each chapter starts with a saying from the sensei's (Ohno and Shingo) who where the masterminds behind Toyota's tremendous success.

The saying is followed by a short lesson or story (accompanied by one of Calayde’s illustractions) to help you understand the sayings from the masters as it relates to us today.

Kata - Routine
The story is followed by a kata - a routine or practice - that is to be repeated until perfected.

Hansei - Reflect while you act, and then with others.
After every practice of your kata, you will find a hansei - a reflection - to help you see what you're learning during your practices. Write your experiences in your journal. Come back to it later when you repeat your practice and notice how you're learning changes.

Repeat your practices - while you work.
Take a kata. Do it for a week. Reflect on your practice. Do the same kata for 3 weeks. See how your learning is changing. Practice with your friends. Practice in the morning. Practice in the afternoon. Practice where you work - while you're doing the work. 

This is about your Lean development. Enjoy your learning!

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