What is this little book ABOUT?

Hal Macomber has been transforming projects and helping thousands of new and experienced Lean practitioners developing themselves, their colleagues ,and their projects for over 40 years.  One of these people was Calayde. At the time she had been in the Lean community for 4 days. She was thrust into a new role — a Lean role — and she had never ever even heard of Lean before.

She tried, she failed, she tried again. She read all the books, she failed again. There was plenty of resistance. No one wanted to change. In fact, most people didn't see the need to change business as usual at all — even when business as usual was the problem.

She came to Hal for guidance, and Hal said: 

"Why don't we find a way to help people who are just like you? People who need practical tools to become Lean leaders, on all levels. Help me build up the Lean community to become Leaders in themselves and bring others along with them."